Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How do cancer eyes look like?

The color of someone's eyes, as the girl mentioned above me who is wrong, doesn't have anything to do with someone's personality. It has to do with their heritage, genetics, and ancestry. Eyes can be any color and have a different color meaning to anyone, it's what behind those eyes that counts.

I think you're asking what do cancer eyes look like on a visceral level.

Cancer eyes glow. There is a lot of life behind the moon child's eyes. They are present and bright, and when you look deeply into them you feel as though you can see into a different dimension.

Cancer eyes are also often very vivid in color. One Cancer man I knew well had eyes so blue they almost looked neon colored. He wasn't wearing contacts.How do cancer eyes look like?
anything its the spirit in someone there kind of person that chooses the eyes

bright alluring eyes are meant to be hidden decieving or evil hidden

blue: pure fair white and all involved in helping and nature

green: outgoing and very alluring and social

brown: down to earth know who i am typeHow do cancer eyes look like?
just very watery....bright.....always looking for affection,love,care!!!

very beautiful and inviting for love!! i can easily interpret their minds just by gazing in their eyes....they are so lovely and vulnerable.
You're fascinating to me Annabelle. Thank you. I like Cancer eyes. My boyfriend is a Cancer and his eyes do glow!
Typically they are large and blue, with a dreamy, watery look

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