Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My min. schnauzer's eyes look cloudy?

My 9 year old min. schnauzer's eyes look cloudy he is in good health other wise, what does this come from can it be cured naturally,will he go blind? The vet said it could be cataracts or glaucoma but he would have to run tests I guess, %26amp; right now I don't have the cash for it. Can I give him vitamins or something to help clear it or slow it down?

Serious answers only please help if anyone knows.My min. schnauzer's eyes look cloudy?
The cloudy look in your does eyes might also be nuclear sclerosis. It is a common condition in older dogs. It does usually occur in both eyes at the same time in dogs over 6. Also, it does not majorly affect the vision in dogs. But if it is cataracts most dogs adapt very well. I have two 12 yr. old min pins that have cataracts. They both just take it in stride. But if the owner is upset about it the dog will pick up on this and may react poorly. Just make sure you take your dog for his checkups every 6 months and if you see any change in the way his eyes look. When your more financially secure you should find a veterinary ophthalmologist because there are serious complications from cataracts that are left untreated.My min. schnauzer's eyes look cloudy?
Sounds like cataracts. There wouldn't be a lot you could do for it like they do for people. Just try to help your dog with verbal cues and commands, so as he ages and his eyesight gets worse you will have a way to help him out using your voice and touch.

Vitamins will not clear the problem up. It's just something that happens sometimes with aging.
type this information on line and there are holistic (natural medicine) doctors that have medicines. good luck
Sounds exactly like what the vet said. I am unaware of any medication or supplaments to help this problem. It seems to be a slow process. We had an old dog when I was a kid and it slowly went blind from cateracts. I didnt slow him down too much though, unless he ran into something. Dogs got really good sences that help compensate the loss of vision. I hope all goes well though
You have a breed that's so close to my heart. When dogs get older they may develop cataracts. The mini schnauzers live quite long and I'm thinking yours may be too young to develop typical eye problems. But, if I remember correctly, the minis, some of them, are prone to get an eye condition early on (I can't recall the name for the condition). My first schnauzer never developed 'old age' eye problems until about the age of 12. Then he lived to 16 yrs. old. The one I have now is 10 and has no eye trouble yet. Good luck.
it is imo either cattaracts or glaucoma, one can be aided with operation, the other can only be retarded slightly by use of proper dietary regulations..

The vet was good for the money you spent.
The vet is probably right and unfortunately the only way to know for sure is to run the tests. I work in a pet store and there are eye drops you could try but if it cataracts or glaucoma they would be ineffective. He won't go blind. My senior tiny toy poodle has the same problem and we don't have the money for the procedure either. It just makes their vision a little unclear. I wouldn't worry yourself to much.
It sounds like cataracts to me. My 10 year old dog has the early signs of them. I don't know of any thing that could help. I hope someone else can help. I could use the information myself. Good Luck to you and your dog.
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